Let VIRTA Well-being be your trusted partner to take your people's well-being on a new, healthier level. We provide yoga- and meditation services in a convenient way to your organization through different, easily approachable concepts.

OUR Yoga & meditation SERVICES


1. Well-tailored services incorporated into your strategy- and refreshment day

2. Well-being orientated (half) day designed according to your needs and wishes

3. Yoga or meditation integrated into your strategy day 


3. Weekly yoga classes at the office

4. Guided meditation at the office, on regular basis or incorporated into your event or important meeting

5. To continue the practise, our clients will receive audio meditation tape 


Would you like to organize an unforgettable party, make a lasting impression to your customers or hold a meeting in an inspiring environment right by the sea? Hiiohoi creates carefully designed, high-quality events in several breathtaking venues around Finnish archipelago.

Hiiohoi's events typically include a refreshing sea voyage, authentic and atmospheric venue, lots of carefree time together, and enjoyable culinary experiences. Add in activities that fit to your company’s need. How does a sailing competition, RIB boat safari, fishing trip, beer or wine tasting, or relaxing evening in a scenic sauna sound to you?


VIRTA Well-being brings unique yoga and meditation experiences to your Hiiohoi event. 

Contact Hiiohoi for your tailor-made experience.

VIRTA x Hiiohoi Meditation in unique surroundings 

Incorporating meditation into your organization's refreshment day is a powerful gateway to calm down and invite a state of relaxation. Meditation is an invitation for state of mindfulness, which again can quickly boost the moods and team spirit. By utilising the surrounding nature and sea, we'll design a unique meditation just for You. 


Herrö's fishing lodge is an idyllic wooden villa in the beautiful archipelago sceneries in Suvisaaristo, Espoo. The surroundings of the sea ensure that minds calm down. There's a sauna and chance to dip in to the sea. 

Each event starts with a refreshing trip by boat. The trip from Helsinki to Herrö takes 30-60 minutes and from Suvisaaristo it takes 10-20 minutes. 

Herrö's fish lodge is perfect from various client events, team days, meetings or parties. Please read more about Herrö here



On a tip of a marine cape, Ruusuniemi is an unique meeting and event venue that serves with only 20-minute drive from the center of Helsinki. Built in the 1970s, Ruusuniemi’s wooden building has an interesting history full of stories about the visits of highest industry and political leaders of Finland. Its high-functional premises offer an inspiring, private and relaxing setup for all kinds of events and corporate meetings.

Ruusuniemi’s modern interior, beautiful ocean view, considerate service and huge sunbathing terrace create an exclusive atmosphere. Add in high-quality meeting technology and a serene pool and sauna area, and your guests will surely enjoy themselves. Delicious Scandinavian taste sensations and blazing fires in the several fireplaces around the building complete the welcoming ambience.


Ruusuniemi offers a great setting for a guided meditation. We happily include some gentle yoga and reflection practises. If you wish, we are happy to take the practise to the nature. 

Read more about Ruusuniemi here.


"Before the class I was nervous, because I consider myself as really stiff and I haven't done much of yoga. But the experience was truly relaxing and opened both my body and mind." 

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