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Yoga & Meditation Club for first to six -graders

We have loved teaching a Yoga & Meditation Club for first to six -graders at Tehtaankatu school for a month now. It is obvious that children of all ages (in this case 7-11 year-olds) need and enjoy a moment to just be and relax in the mid of their busy week. Kids' schedules are often as packed as ours with school, homework, hobbies and social activities. The Wednesday afternoon Yoga & Meditation Club is a moment for them to chill, to just be and be aware of their senses, mind and body. To focus on the breath and move their bodies gently in flowing yoga poses. And go on a imagination journey, each week to a new destination. ;) We build each class around a theme. The other week it was Space, last week India, and yesterday it was Rainforest. Can’t wait to see what themes and activities we come up for the upcoming weeks - today’s theme was a wish from a student, loved it!

Have your kids tried yoga and meditation?


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