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Miten työhyvinvointi ja motivaatio ovat sidoksissa?

Updated: Feb 5, 2018

Good morning!

Thoughts about employer branding and corporate well-being: By now, leaders surely know that millennials value work-life balance, well-being and meaningful work projects more than perhaps the earlier generation. They want to change the world towards better. In order to do that, they need to feel strong and balanced - mentally, physically, spiritually. Millennials are looking for abundance not only in financial terms but in all areas of life. This is where Employer Branding comes in. Millennials choose to work for companies whose values are aligned with their own.  Having a well-thought strategy for people's well-being is in the core.  Accenture Finland is a great example. I know this being a Recruiter-alumni, and I currently teach weekly Yin Yoga for their people. Accenture has a wide scale of wellness services available, yoga courses being among the most asked ones. According to feedback, employees feel grateful of the 90 minutes / week they get to deep dive inside their mind and body. Yin yoga is as great anti-stress cure as it gets. I have enjoyed teaching this course a lot, and VIRTA Well-being would love to bring yoga to your organization as well. Please check the first comment for contact details, we would love to hear from you. 


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