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Yoga Teacher


It all began in early childhood when Elina began dance classes with regular rehearsals and championship competitions. Really liking dancing, Elina found the constant changing and quitting of partners frustrating. She stopped dance classes in her teens and took up swimming, running, tennis and badminton.

Elina took her first yoga class when she was 18. She soon bought her first yoga book, which still today is on her bookshelf. Experimenting with various yoga styles with a variety of teachers, Elina discovered Vinyasa Yoga. She discovered that the movement in yoga and dance not only increases the flow of energy in the body but also a truer connection with the self.

To explore her discovery, Elina began teacher training in 2015. Teaching yoga became an ongoing learning, an ongoing path of ups and downs, twists and turns. Approaching yoga with an open heart and trusting mind assures there will always be something new to discover and to teach.

For Elina, yoga effects the mind, the body and the spirit. As a yoga teacher, she encourages students to locate the balance between effort and ease. She helps students to intuitively discover the best alignments for their body. Elina inspires students to make real-life changes by connecting their mind and body. Elina helps students to connect with the feeling of their own uniqueness.


Bachelor of Social Services, Diak University of Applied Sciences

RYT-200 YOGA TEACHER TRAINING with teachers Mia Jokiniva & Jenny Morrison- Jack

55-Hour YIN YOGA TEACHER TRAINING with teachers Mia Jokiniva & Taina Alakulppi


PRANAYAMA WORKSHOP with teacher Lana Lavonen

ART OF ATTENTION WORKSHOP with teacher Elena Brower

HANDS ON ADJUSTMENTS WORKSHOP with Nazareno Grisolia & Lisa Andersson Rhodiner

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